Sunday, 22 May 2022

Restructure a company: find again the lost economic balance 

Fix up a troubled company is primarily an operation of in-depth study and analysis. And it is surely crucial not wait until it is too late. Another essential premise is to rely on competent and capable professionals. The terms for restoring a firm are three, and must be fulfilled all at once:

  1. must have an identifiable and achievable market
  2. must have a convincing product/service for that market
  3. must have a (organizational, productive, asset) structure suitable to its market and product

A company without a market and neither good products, nor resources to compete isn’t worth any financial obstinacy: without a radical change, sooner or later, it will be destined to failure.

A&M-ristrutturazione-aziendaleA company “in good health” able to get revenues and profits must reach its economic balance, depending essentially on the ability to identify and eliminate the causes of crisis.

And this is the task of the professional, who, after analyzing in depht and detail every aspect, process and situation within the company, and believing it is worthwhile to intervene, must take many decisions within the consolidation strategy.

Usually, when the entrepreneur addresses to the professional, the difficult situation is already very advance, because he has very often a distorted view of the actual situation resulting from his company, or he procrastinates external intervention because he is sure to be able to solve his problems by himself, while problems, in the meantime, aggravate and even complicate things.

At this point, when professional has available all the elements to intervene, he begins the recovery plan aiming to increase the company's revenues, improve sales, acquire new customers, find new channels and markets, better manage the finances, implement the business, and especially, automate the company to make it autonomous and more efficient.

This phase of temporary management provides, for a predefined period of time, the inclusion of external managers. Through a restructuring and relaunch plan, they allow the return to the lost economic equilibrium, so the company can resume its normal cycle of life and activities: no need of insolvency procedures, no transfers of ownership to third parties, or worse, no bankruptcy proceedings.

A & M, specialized in the rehabilitation of distressed companies, operates through its network of professionals, as well as through banks, investment funds and loyal insurance companies.

Do not wait for your crisis becoming irreparable. Rely on us for support and assistance.

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