Sunday, 22 May 2022

Future of Italian companies is world

We live an era of great instability of companies and markets, which fundamental cause is the devastating economic crisis we are going through all of the major industrialized countries. Italy is just one of many: despite being the third economic power in Europe, has lived for many years a deep crisis, with public debt second only to the greek. The causes are multiple: political instability, corruption, bureaucratic delays, serious differences between North and South. 

Made in Italy, known worldwide for its quality, style and beauty, still manages to survive, often with great difficulty, because its main markets are international.

In our country 80% of GDP comes from small and medium-sized enterprises, the core of our economic fabric. The challenge of the future for our companies is: internationalization and innovation. These are the new levers of competitiveness for Italian SMEs, which can export abroad the excellence of our territory.

When a business owner decides to try the adventure of internationalization, simply to survive the market, or to grow their business, he must have a clear strategic vision, a deep understanding of the markets he wants to enter, and especially rely on high-profiled partners to guide him throughout the process. In this particular economic contingency, where often the traditional markets are saturated and demand is increasingly slowed down, open up to foreign markets often brings better results than differentiating in its own home market: internationalize, then, becomes not only a conscious choice or a necessity, but an opportunity.

If you believe that your company has the potential to become known abroad, contact us for a free estimate analysis. Together we could test the markets with greater attractiveness for your business. Today A&M is present abroad with 4 direct operating offices (London, Frankfurt, Chiasso and Sofia) and is present with its correspondents in more than 40 countries.


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